Market Outlook 2017 of Sun Life Philippines

Last Tuesday January 24th 2017, I was invited to the Market Outlook  2017 of Sun life Philippines. Even though I worked in the bank before I never gotten around to learn more about investing in the stock market as I was more focused in saving for my retirement fund.  Sun Life  opened my eyes to more opportunities that 2017 offers even if the market shows us a short-term volatility the forecast is still  positive with a  growth on  the  GDP of  6.8% to 7%.


Mr. Michael Enriquez, Sun Life’s chief investing officer said that with the growth of consumer and government’s upcoming  plans on infrastructure spending the outlook remains bullish . He enumerated some factors that boost the economy on the consumers end which I have listed below for your reference.


ClassReunionPlanning (1)Although the market looks promising it  is quite alarming  that there is  weakening of  Peso against the U.S. Dollar equivalent to Php50-$1 and plus  the drop of the PSEI (Philippine Stock Exchange Index) . This might be the reason why some of us are very cautious in terms of taking risk. Mr. Michael Enriquez assures us that this is a good time to buy when the stock prices are cheaper as it will reap more gain once the market goes up.


As for those who are already invested in Sun life Prosperity fund, it already yielded result  as per Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc.President Valerie Pama said  “We’re delighted that our investors are reaping the rewards of their commitment to invest for the long-term, and we hope to see more Filipinos treading the same path so they too can experience financial security,”


Taking Risk in Mutual Fund Investment 

Investing for the future is critical nowadays and with more Filipino’s are  taking risk especially millenials who became young investors due to the long-term gains.  Not everybody have the luxury of time, effort and determination in learning how to trade and check the movements of the market. So mutual funds is one solution in regards to diversifying the investments. I have summarized the definition and benefits of having a mutual fund.

What is a Mutual Fund?




Benefits of Sun Life Prosperity Funds

  • Affordability: For a minimum of Php 5,000, one can jump start an investment account and be on his/her way to prosperity.
  • Higher potential returns*:  The Sun Life Prosperity Funds is  a family of funds that caters to various risk appetites and investment horizons. Whether you’re a conservative or aggressive, short term or long term investor, at least one fund is suitable for you to achieve your investment goals.
  • Diversification: For as low as Php 5,000, your investment is instantly diversified among different financial vehicles in order to minimize risk.
  • Flexibility:  Risk appetite tends to change over time and should you feel like changing where your funds are placed, you can do so accordingly up to four times in a year at no charge!
  • Liquidity: Sun Life offers the option to redeem fund shares any time on a business day at the current fund value.
  • Professional Portfolio Management: The Sun Life Prosperity Funds are managed by  top notch investment professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that the funds generate the best returns over the long term.
  • Global Expertise: Sun Life Asset Management Company, the fund manager and distributor of the Sun Life Prosperity Funds is a member of the Sun Life Financial Group of Companies operating in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, India, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Patience is a virtue on people who want to gain financial independence. If you are thinking of ways to keep you money whilst letting it grow then investment goes a long way. Especially nowadays when inflation affects the take home pay . I used to think as well that a savings account can cover some of my future endeavors but with the price hike and depreciation of the currency I am willing to take risk. As time is up the essence in letting your investment grow. So If you have retirement plans and future stability goals  then investment is a risk worth taking.