Kim is currently in the world of banking and finance. A certified book worm and Harry Potter fanatic who enjoys a delightful cup of afternoon tea, it is rather amusing to note that she actually used to skate (though, truth be told, if she had her way she would have ridden the waves and surfed). Kim is also a newbie driver struggling to keep her car scratches to a minimum . She is a dog lover and foodie at heart. She fell out of a rabbit hole and one day decided to create her own version of wonderland.


is an outlet of my curiosity and mostly what i chased after which is food, good music, movies and new places to travel to. I also review events and products that have piqued my interest. This is also where i share my experience,  views and to introduce the people who influenced me  or who i influenced in the process of creating this blog. So come explore the other side of the rabbit hole with me.



this is inspired by alice in wonderland as she  is the best character that can describe  my personality and just a trivia alice was supposed to be my second name